DHCPing is a lightweight and featureful security tool written in PERL and designed to test the security of various flavors of
DHCP implementations around.
It was originaly written to test DLINK small offices/home offices routers but rapidly became a more general
tool ready to test even major implementations like ISC.
Many options allow DHCPing users to craft malicious DHCP/BOOTP packets "a la HPING"
Also DHCPing offers several embedded macro commands,
several sets of predefined attacks directed toward specific vendors vulnerabilities
along with a set of generic attacks.

A bunch of macros is already implemented for some recently discovered flaws in DLINK, ISC and INFOBLOX products.
Note that the list of macro attacks available is likely to grow quickly just like the list of options implemented.
DHCP is a living protocol, so stay tuned.

A list of the vulnerabilities that DHCPing has contributed to find, is available Here

If you are lucky enough to have an exotic DHCP implementation at hands and some time to test it
Please, send me your feedback in order to keep this list up to date.
Also don't forget to send a trace with your email
I would particularly appreciate feedbacks for netgear/linksys/microsoft products
but any other known or unknown flavor of dhcp is also welcomed.

Enjoy and happy hunting !


Author: Gregory Duchemin

Thanks to Solar Designer for providing a fast host in Mother Russia.

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I will try to reply as fast as possible, please be patient.

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